SIEM empowered by ELK

It’s the CyberHandShake the industry has been waiting for.

On one side of the handshake:  empow’s unprecedented rules-free technology that makes correlation obsolete.  On the other side: Elastic’s unequalled database and search capabilities. When we shake hands, you get a grip. Finally, the ability to detect and respond that’s as rapid as new threats themselves.


Webinar- Insights with Jon Oltsik: It's a jungle out there, and it requires a whole new breed of security operations

Join Senior Principal Analyst at ESG Jon Oltsik, in a discussion with empow Founder & CEO Avi Chesla, on how we need to rethink our approach to SIEM in today's chaotic, everchanging cyber environment.

Webinar - Beyond Rules: How NLP can Automate your SIEM

Watch our recorded webinar to hear from Donnelly’s CISO Dannie Combs how NLP is helping them win the cybersecurity battle

empow Announces Partnership with Elastic

Integration of empow's intent-based Next Gen SIEM with the Elastic Stack will provide unprecedented, rules-free proactive security coverage.

Cyber Crooks Diversify Business with Multi-Intent Malware

The makers of malware have realized that if they're going to invest time and money in compromising cyber defenses, they should do everything they can to monetize their achievement.

empow was named a “Distinguished Vendor” in the 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual

empow has been named a “Distinguished Vendor” in the 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual Report for its next-generation SIEM technology.

Bringing Security Architecture Into the Light – the Inherent Value of Transparency and Diagnostics

Check out our latest blog article and learn how CISOs can asses the performance of the security products in their organization’s arsenal.

Moving from “Big Rules” to “No Rules”

Learn how traditional security rules are no longer the right approach for today's dynamic environments

empow Named “SIEM Solution of the Year” in 2018 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards

empow's Security Platform has been named as the winner in the “SIEM Solution of the Year” category

No-Rules SIEM Solutions with Avi Chesla of empow

Is there another way to deploy, manage, and maintain SIEM solutions? Read the interview with Avi Chesla, Founder and CTO of SIEM solution provider empow

empow Adds Native UEBA Functionality

empow’s native artificial intelligence, natural language processing and cause-and-effect analytics now ingest user and account activity logs to correlate all data source types covering all stages of the attack lifecycle

Reading The Mind Of The Attacker Without Rules, Through AI

How NLP is changing the game for security pros who are using it to stay ahead of the bad guys?

empow wins two 2018 Infosec Awards from Cyber Defence Magaizne

empow has been named as the winner in the following categories: SIEM category and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning category

Meet empow

Powered by AI

With our AI and natural-language processing capabilities, attackers can no longer hide their intent and remain undetected in the noise.  We deconstruct cause and effect to understand the potential intent behind each piece of IT Data.  Then we marshal the right security tools, in the optimum strategic sequence.

Automatic Detection and Response

Identifies and mitigates advanced threats missed by single (siloed) tools.

Unlocks the untapped power of your security apparatus… while saving on SOC and security engineering headcount.

Reducing noise by at least 90% and increasing 10x the security operation effectiveness

Provides ONE source for best in class searchable data-lake (by Elastic) integrated with intent-based NG-SIEM

Positive ROI

Traditional SIEMs are notorious money pits. By automating the entire attack detection and response process, the empow solution improves your security posture, radically reduces your costs, and actually delivers a positive return on investment.

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