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Rule-based SIEMs have failed for a simple reason: humans can’t write correlation rules as fast as machines can generate new attacks.

empow has developed a new kind of SIEM that detects and responds to attacks automatically, without requiring correlation rules.

Reading The Mind Of The Attacker Without Rules, Through AI

How NLP is changing the game for security pros who are using it to stay ahead of the bad guys?

empow Your Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Check out this article to learn more about the history of empow, how we got started and what sets us apart from other cybersecurity companies.

empow CEO Peter George and Luke Burns of Ascent on CyberSecurity Trends

How does empow's technology cut through the noise in the cybersecurity market, and how can it help balance the dire lack of cyber talent?

empow wins two 2018 Infosec Awards from Cyber Defence Magaizne

empow has been named as the winner in the following categories: SIEM category and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning category

empow shortlisted for 2018 SC Awards Europe

empow's Security Platform has been announced a finalist by SC Awards Europe 2018 in the "Best Use of Machine Learning/AI"

empow Named a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner recognized empow as a 2017 Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Management of Threats to Applications and Data

Maximize the power of your cyber security

Watch this webinar to learn how empow and Lastline cam maximize your incident response

Where is the first CTO turned CEO?

Are we in a new era where CTOs should have a path to top-dog status?

Powered by AI

The empow solution uses true artificial intelligence to classify each event that comes into the system based on its intent, find the attacks that are hidden in the noise, and orchestrate a response using your existing security infrastructure.

Automatic Detection and Response

Detects, validates, and prioritizes advanced attacks missed by traditional SIEMs.

Directs, automates and accelerates optimal incident response based on attack intent.

Provides insight into which tools are performing at the highest level, and which aren’t doing their job.

Unlocks the untapped power of your security infrastructure… while reducing your security operations costs.

Positive ROI

Traditional SIEMs are notorious money pits. By automating the entire attack detection and response process, the empow solution improves your security posture, radically reduces your costs, and actually delivers a positive return on investment.

A new SIEM. For a new world.

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